Copy of Zebulon Quest: The Sword Of Fire eBook


The Artifacts of Merlin Saga - Book One


After ten years of living in the corner of the cargo hold of the Starship Ruby Darton, castaway Zebulon Finnegan didn’t think his life could get any worse. However, on his fifteenth birthday, he sneaks into a bootleg poker game and learns of his adoption when his father puts his papers up as a bet with Space Pirates . . . and loses. Determined not to be their slave, Zebulon uses an untapped magical power and escapes the storeroom with their treasure and a mysterious, silver watch.

But Zebulon’s plan, to gather his possessions and sneak off the ship, is foiled when he runs into four kids playing hide and seek in the cargo hold. In a chain of events, they learn the watch it is a teleportation device, and find themselves surrounded by the Space Pirates. Zebulon recklessly uses the watch and transports himself, his four new friends, and his Android IQ32 to a far away planet. On the planet, the mystery of the watch unfolds, and Zebulon learns his true identity—he is Merlin’s lost grandson. Sent on a quest to find the seven hidden artifacts of Merlin, Zebulon finds the first artifact, The Sword of Fire, discovers the meaning of friendship, and uncovers his deepest power—the ability to stop time and visit the past, present and future.

Will this new-found gift propel him towards his destiny or destroy all of those around him?