You Get As You Give!


I was at the cell phone store the other day and I was astounded by the event that played out in front of my eyes.  I was there to return the car charger, I bought just a month ago, that had broke.  It was a busy day and everyone was with a customer, so I browsed around and waited my turn.

When my name was called, I approached the kiosk and the “new guy” and his trainer helped me. Now, there were three other customers being helped and another employee was on the phone with someone who called in with a problem.

I explained what was wrong with the charger and they said, “No problem, we will just exchange it for you.”  I was pleased.

Just then I heard a pounding noise to my right.  It was a lady with a broken hand, who was fishing something out of her massive purse with her good hand, and talking on the cell phone she had sandwiched between her shoulder and her ear.  She was kicking the door to the store. She didn't just kick it once but over and over again seven or eight times.

Not believing my eyes, I walked over to the door and opened it for her.  She barged right in, walked right past and stood in the middle of the store.  Here was the rest of her conversation to the person on the phone:

The Lady:  I can’t believe that no one would open the door for me.  There are nine people working here and they are all standing around watching me at the door and none of them would open the door for me.

(No thank you—nothing!)

Me:  Mam, I am sorry, but I don’t work here and I just opened the door for you, besides all of the employees are busy helping customers.

The Lady:  (Looking aghast) Oh, well, thanks.  (Back to her phone pacing back and forth) No, I can’t believe it.  Nine of them and I had to bang on the door for someone to open it for me.  Oh, and my doctor . . . they screwed up my appointment time . . . yeah, I am at the cell phone place . . . we’ll see if they can help me.

I could not believe this grown woman. Yes, I understood she had a broken arm, but her other one worked perfectly fine. I guess whatever she was grabbing out of her purse was way more important than opening the door on her own.  What shocked me most was not that she kicked the door, but she didn't even have the decency to say thank you when I opened the door for her.

I am sorry lady, but if you ever wonder “Why do bad things happen to me?” Well, maybe there is a reason why you have so many problems in your life. Maybe because the crap you dish out is just like a boomerang.

Lady, have you heard the saying, “You get as you give!”  Maybe you should put down your phone, put away your twenty gallon purse and open your own door. Or, maybe you should say thanks without being prompted to do so. Maybe good things will happen in your life.

The whole thing made me stop and think. I wondered if I had ever acted that way. I am not perfect, but I will definitely try to put more good things out there, and not act like that lady.

I thanked the gentlemen who helped me exchange my charger and wished them a nice day.

You get as you give!