What Is Your ‘IT’ In Life?


What is IT you want in your personal life?  What is IT you want in your business and professional life?

If you are uncertain what IT is you really want, sometimes all you need to do is sit down and analyze the areas of your life and write out the specific things you want.

IT can be broken down into eight main core units:

MIND: This is defined as personal growth or knowledge.

BODY: This is defined as health, fitness or sport.

MONEY: This is defined as income or financial stability.

WORK: This is defined as your career or business environment.

SOCIAL LIFE: This is defined as friends, fun or recreation.

RELATIONSHIPS: This is defined as significant other or romance.

BELIEF: This is defined as a higher power or self belief.

FAMILY: This is defined as relatives or associative family.

Successful people analyze what they want and decide to go for IT! They don't hesitate, they just figure out ways to accomplish their goals and dreams. In future posts, I will examine the steps that will help you Realize IT!  First, you must clearly decide what IT is you want. You can't make it there if you don't pick a destination.

1. Think about what IT is you want in each of these areas.

2. Clearly write out what IT is you want with a positive statement/affirmation.

What are you waiting for?