What Is My Purpose In Life?


Recently I asked myself several questions; "What path am I on?" "Where am I headed?" and "What is my purpose in life?"

I sat on the couch for an hour the other day and really thought about these questions. I examined my life and the things I did in the past to see if there was a common theme. What path I had been on.


Lifeguard Swim Instructor Swim Coach Insurance / Investment Advisor Automotive Sales Consultant Sales Manager

Looking at these jobs there was one theme that was prevalent. I, in some capacity, was helping people. As a Lifeguard, I helped many people and saved four children from drowning. As a Swim Coach I taught hundreds of kids and adults how to swim and not be afraid of the water. In Insurance and Investments, I helped people protect their income and money. In Automotive Sales, I helped people make sound purchase decisions, and helped them choose the right vehicle for them. In Management, I helped many sales people learn how to sell and provide excellent customer service.

In the short time I sat there, I realized my purpose here--on this ball of dirt--is to help as many people as I can.

I made a commitment to myself. I will continue to help people with my writing, coaching, mentoring and managing. I will pass on my knowledge to those who are willing to take it. I will help those who ask. I will help those who don't expect it. Sitting on the couch made me realize, it is not what I am doing as a job that makes me happy--it is what I do in my life that makes me happy.

This falls into a mantra I accepted in my life back in 1999;

"You Get As You Give"

By helping others you will get in return.

I have found this true. As a husband and father, the love and encouragement I give to my wife and children I get back ten fold. In my day job, as a Manager, the more I help my sales people the better they become--the more successful I become. As a writer when someone gets my book or I give a talk at a school I hope that my words give inspiration and motivation. That is my inspiration to write more. When I help someone I get this good, warm feeling inside. I get this satisfied feeling that I am doing something worthwhile.


Our purpose is not always clear. Sometimes it comes to you and other times you have to search hard for it. Sit down somewhere quiet and really think about your life and what inspires you. What have you done in your life so far? What is it you have a real passion for? We are all here on this planet to do something. You can figure it out, and go after it and do it.