Suffer, Leave, or Change


There are three things you can do in life about the situations you are in:

Suffer, Leave, or change.

SUFFER: You can stay in your situation. If you stay, and not change anything, then it is your choice to stay and suffer. If you choose to do this, then stop complaining about things. You made your choice, no one forced you to stay.

LEAVE: Leaving is a form of change. You can always leave. Move jobs. Leave your relationship. If you are unhappy with the government, you can go to a different state or country. If you don't like your friends you can find new ones. Remember, if the problem is with you, then your problems may follow.

CHANGE: You can change your thoughts, actions, beliefs, or way you do things. If you are unhappy with government, get involved to make a difference. If you are unhappy with the economy, change your spending or think up new ways to make money. If you are unhappy with a relationship then find a way to change it up.