Success Is Right On Time!


Success. It doesn’t come in your time, or when you want it. It comes in its own time.

It can be a frustrating thing when you want something so badly and it eluded you. No matter what you try, success doesn’t come a knocking.

A Leason to Learn

The Right Opportunity

Connections To Make

You Need to Grow

Success Is Right On Time!

I thought automotive sales, and dealing with the rejection from customers who did not buy, was one of the hardest things I did.

In 2001, I set out on my journey to writing books and I quickly found that finding an agent and getting a book deal was the most difficult thing I had ever done in my life. Then, I started writing screenplays and that topped it for me. The competition is fierce and industry is super selective. I realized I have a 0.1% chance of my scripts making it to the big screen.

Still, despite the odds, I submit to agents, I go to conferences, pitch at pitchfests, and enter multiple competitions. Even then, the NO’s still keep coming.

It is hard to take a NO because it is something I put out there. I invested a lot of hours and emotion into the book or screenplay. At times I tend to take it personal and want to ask, “Is it me? Am I doing something wrong?” I even asked myself, “Does my writing suck?”

If you find yourself constantly getting rejection emails from agents, or not making the semi-finals or finals of screenwriting competitions, don’t take it personal.

A 'NO' may mean one of a few things:

Your writing may be good but it may need further formatting or editing.Your story may be good but that particular agent doesn’t work in your genre or feels they can’t sell your manuscript.Your story may need some additional work with plot, character, or theme. Your writing may be weak and you need to learn how to write better. Your story may be something they already have and represent. Your script may be good but it is missing that something to make it great.

So, when you get a NO, what can you do? Of course you can curse a bit, stomp around like a child and brood about it for a few days but that does not solve the issue why you got a NO in the first place. Alcohol doesn’t work either.

What can you do after you get a NO or multiple NO’s?

Analyze your writing objectively. Is it really as good as you think?Hire an editor to polish your script or manuscript.Join a critique group or find a writing buddy in your genre that will be honest and give you proper feedback.Hire a script consultant to help you develop your story and flush out any weak points. Take classes. Find a local writing class or take an online course to help advance your skills.Continue to Network. Maybe you have not come into contact with the right person who is looking for a book or screenplay like yours. Submit to other agents.

Maybe you find the one that can sell your story. Work on your next project.

Success is right on time!