Student Feedback - Zach Elementary, October 2015

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October 6th and October 13th 2015, I visited Zach Elementary and spoke with five 4th grade classes about writing and my books. I also had the privileged of listening to their stories. I was proud to hear such wonderful writing and amazing description and dialogue. The 4th grade kids are excellent writers and have such brilliant talent--keep it up!

Here is some feedback from letters I received form some of Ms. G's students. Thank you for your enthusiasm for Zebulon Quest. I really appreciate the feedback.

Zach Elementary - 2015

4th Grade Classes

Fort Collins, Colorado

(Below is exactly how they wrote them to me.)

Dear Mr. Northburg,

Thank you for coming in and showing us Zebulon Quest. I really liked the chapter you read to us. I wasn’t sure why publishers didn’t like your book. Also thank you for letting us share are stories with you. I wanted to tell you I learned more character traits form you. Something I found interesting was it took you 8 years for the first book but 1 ½ years for the second.

PS. I hope a publisher likes your second book.

Your Friend, Gavin

“Gavin, I am glad you were able to learn some character traits to use in your writing. It took me 8 years total. (3 to write and 5 more to submit to agents before self publishing.)”

Dear Mr. Northburg,

I loved to learn about you work I thought your book was fascinating! I would love to read your books. I might even be a writer like you when I grow up. I hope you make your whole series. I am wondering if you make a children’s book what will it be about?

Sincerely, Kiela

“Kiela, keep writing and find your voice. Don’t give up, if writing is something you want to do. As far as a children’s book I have an idea I am starting on for a children’s book series like The Magic Treehouse books. We will see how it comes along. ”

Dear Tim Northburg,

Thank you for coming and teaching us about your book. I really liked the chapter you read and I thought it was really cool. I also liked how you let us read our stories to you and how you would tell us what you thought of it. I liked how you talked to us about your book and told us about the series you are writing. I learned all the things a character needs to have. I think it was interesting that you named your character Bacon Boy.

Your Friend, Ricardo P.

“Ricardo, I am glad you enjoyed the chapter I read. I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s stories and was glad to give positive feedback on what you all did well. I am glad yo like the nickname for my character. I really think it is funny and interesting how he gets it.”

Dear Tim Northburg,

Thank you for coming to our classroom and telling us about your really interesting book you made. That book really interesting and cool. I think I will buy it when I am finished with my book I’m reading now and I think the nick name “Bacon Boy” was really funny and how he used to only eat bacon when he was young. I also thought it is cool that you write in all caps.

Your Friend, Sean P.

“Sean, I am glad you like the nick name. I hope you enjoy the read. I write on the board in all caps because my lowercase and cursive is not as legible.”

Dear Mr. Northburg,

Thank you so much for teaching us about how you get started for your story. I thought it was so interesting how it took you 8 years to write and publish one book. I can’t wait till our library has all your books (that are published).

Sincerely, Brie N.

You are welcome Brie. I am the one privileged to hear your stories. I will work on getting some copies to your library so all can read it. ”

Dear Mr. Northburg,

Thank you for telling us about your book and how you designed it. I thought it was really cool!!!! I want to write as much as you but I try but I never do. I learned that authors take a long time to publish a book and make one. I thought that your book was interesting.

Sincerely, Madison R.

“Madison, I am glad you think it is cool! I hope you write a lot. You just have to make time and just do it. I carve out several hours every other day or so to do some kind of writing. Just let it flow, and don’t think too much about it.”

Dear Tim Northburg,

I gladly thank you for giving us such an interesting lesson. I really enjoyed the process on how to publish a book. Your book sounds really interesting so I might read it after I read maze runner. What I really found interesting is that many publishers are really picky on what they want for a book. Your book looks really good and I really want to read all eight books. I wonder if you can start another book series for kids, it would be really awesome. I wish you good luck on your book saga.

Sincerely, Adrian R.

“Adrian, I hope you enjoy Zebulon Quest as much as Maze Runner. I agree with you, Publishers are very selective on what they choose to pick up. Thank you for your good wishes. I wish you the best in your writing and all that you do. I hope you read and enjoy all eight books. (When I am done writing them.)”

Dear Mr. Northburg,

Thank you so very much for coming and teaching us about being an author. I learned a lot from just that little bit. I really enjoyed listening to the story of how you got the idea for the story you showed us and how you published it. (I don’t know how to spell the story’s name ) But anyways, I just really enjoyed your chapter you shared with us. I thought it was detailed and well described. I also thought it was interesting that it took about eight years to right your first book in your first series.

Sincerely, Hailey W.

“Hailey, I am glad you enjoyed my presentation and learned a lot. It did take me a lot to figure out my characters and how to write such a long book. Now, it is much easier and faster.”

Dear Mr. Northburg

Thank you for coming to are class room and explaining about your wonderful books. Once I get a chance to get the book I will for sure get to read it. I loved how you told us real bits of are stories and you gave us tips on are stories I thought it was neat. I think you will be a great author so keep it up.

Love Ethan

“Ethan, thank you for your words of kindness. It is feedback like yours that keeps me writing. I hope you get a chance to read it and enjoy it. I wish you the best in all that you do!”

Dear Mr. Northburg,

Thank you for coming in and talking to us about how to write stories! When I write a story I like to add lots of detail! When you write do you add lost of detail it look like you do with that 400 page book you had for an example. I have always liked writing (even tho I have horrible handwriting.) I had no idea when you looking for a book you just look at a chapter and read half. I though that was spoiling. Thank you for coimng in ad teaching us a lot of stuff about how to wright books!

Love Emma

“Emma, you are welcome. You are right, detail in writing is great. You do need to have a lot for a 400 page book, but you also need to have dialogue and other things to break it up or it won’t be that exciting. I don’t think it is cheating peeking at a chapter of a book you want to read, it is more like catching a trailer of a move. It gives you insight if that book may be a good read or not. ”

Dear Mr. Northburg,

Thank you so much for coming in and telling us about your books. I seem really interested in them when you told me about them. I have loved reading Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and the other books you told me were combined in the 1st book. I was surprised when you said your 1st book took 8 years to write.

Sincerely Sydney

“Sydney, you are most welcome. I hope you like my book as much as Percy Jackson or Harry Potter. I hope you see some of the similarity as well as the difference. The first book took so long because I was building my characters as well as outlining where I wanted to go in the whole series. Now I have that down it is going much quicker. I am working on book two and outlining the remaining books.”

Also, I received some great hand-written and hand-drawn thank you cards form a few of Ms. Boisen's students following my author visit earlier in the week. I am super excited to read these and I am glad you enjoyed my visit.