Student Feedback - Zach Elementary, February 2012

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Here are comments from students who filled out a comment slip after my talks. Please enjoy the comments, questions, and answers.  I want to thank all of those who filled out a comment slip.  Your enthusiasm and excitement for this book is greatly appreciated.

Zach Elementary - 2012

3rd GradeFort Collins, Colorado

(I wrote the comments as they actually appeared on the slips.) 

"I like how you told us how to publish or start a book.  Also thank you for coming to talk to us.  Wow that was fun listening to you talking about books.  I also like your book. :)"

- Piper N.

"I enjoyed what you read.  The way you described the characters was perfect.  I think the writing was wonderful.  I like the way you came up with his nick-name.  That first chapter was so exciting it didn't even seem like the first chapter."

-Sophia M.

"I loved the writing you read to us.  I thought you put in a lot of detail.  You put a funny name for your characters.  How long does it take to write a book?  It was amazing!  I probably will read your book!"

-Alexa P.

(Alexa, It took me five years to write the first book.  Now that I have experience editing and re-writing, it should take a year or so to write the next one.  Thanks!)

"Dear Mr. Northburg.  I really like how you described the space pirates.  It made me feel like I was right there, watching the whole thing happening.  You must feel pretty good when you finished your book.  Thank you for coming to my school."

-Kate C.

"I really like that you used a lot of description.  Do all books have to have a little bit of picture?  Mostly all the books I read have some picture except chapter books.  That book I am sure, will be a great intertaming book."

-Meredith H.

(Meredith, not all books have pictures.  This one is a novel with only pictures on the cover.)

"I really liked the book!  What are the names of the other books in the series?  What does Zebulon Finnegan look like?"

-Nate S.

(Nate, the other names are not fully decided on yet.  I have an idea what they are going to be but they will be final when each book in the seires is released over time.  Zebulon Finnegan has spiky, short blonde hair that is going silver as he uses more magic and his eyes change color.)

"I really like the funny nick-name.  I so is prery hard to right a book?"

-Pedro P.

(Pedro, it is somewhat hard writing a book. The ideas and writing parts come easy but the editing and corrections is the more difficult part for me.)

"I really think your books sound interesting of what you read today.  I hope you publish your books soon.  I like your idea and the name Zebulon Finnegan."

-Jack K.

"I think you made your book very detailed.  Your first book tittle is really cool.  What are all your book titles?  You did a great job on your book.  Your a great Ather!"

-Noah D.

(Noah, I have some working titles for the other books but nothing official yet.  They will be announced as the other books come out but they will be a title relating to the artifact that Zebulon has to find in that book like, The Sword of Fire.)

"I like the name Zebulon Finnegan.  I think you really took your time on writing and thinking of ideas."

-Madison M.

"I really like the book and I am very excited to read it.  I really liked how you took pieces of different boos to make it more exciting.  How many more books are going to write?  Great Job!"

-Olivia D.

(Olivia, I combine several ideas to make this series my own.  I am working on seven other books in this series for a total of eight books.  I am also writing some other kinds of books as well as this series.)

"I loved the charecters you have in the book.  I love espically Zebulon Finnegan.  You gave great details."

-Grant L.

"How much books will there be and does it take a long time to go around the writing process.  I think you have a great time writing." -Andrew C.

(Andrew.  There will be eight book in all in this series.  It does take some time to write and edit and I do have a blast writing.)

"I really liked how you named characters because what they do.  I thought you have great books.  P.S. Mrs. Schillings g.t. class would love your books.  Thank you."

-Matthew A.

"I really liked the first chapter you read for us.  I also like the name you picked out for your book and the names for your characters.  You are doing a really good job with your seires."

-Nadia K.

"I like the way you took parts of other stores and put them in your books."

-Eva J.

(Eva, thank you, I use books I like and read as a child as influence for my own story.)

"I vely rely like the idia of the book.  If it gets publesht ill fead it.  The fire sord is a great idea.  When I gwor up I will be an Ather."

-Morgan A.

(Morgan, remember you can be anything you set your mind to. If you want to be an Author then start writing down your ideas.)

"I really like how you used different parts of books but changed it a little like when you used a lightsaber and tuned it into a fire sword."

-Miles A.

"I like your book and the details.  Is your fiersord a blue fier or a red fier and what is one of the clus.  I think you work hard."

-Ryan P.

(Ryan, this fire sword is a blue flame. One of the clues leads him to an island where the sword is.  You will have to read the book when it comes out to find out the rest.)

"I like how you used good descriptive words and how you made up your own words which were very fun."

-Destiny B.

"I think your books are amazing. Also I think you did a great job speaking clearly and loud.  You are a really really great Author and spent time on your books."

-Adrienne M.

"I think your book is Awesome!  I like what you read to us.  I relly like your characters.  I like how you told us what ather's go through."

-Daniel V.

"I relly like the part of the story you read.  And thank you for telling me so much for teching me so much."


"I like your story and I hope you finish before and I want to be a riter just like you."

-Alex F.

(Alex, I am glad I inspired you to be a writer.  You can do it, if you put your mind to it!)

"It was a great presentation.  I loved how you used irrregular words.  I'm going to read your books."

-Zander R.

"I am a writer myself and you captured my every thought.  I loved how you took all of those ideas and put them together.  While you weere speaking you made me think of a new story. I want to call it "The Adventures of Swade Crack."  You are a great inspiration to me."

-Anna Grace H.

(Anna Grace, I am glad you were inspired.  Your title sounds really interesting and I would love to read it when you get it published.  Don't give up!)

"I really like your book and I can't believe you had to go thru all the steps.  I like that your an other.  I really like to write too."

-Kaylie C.

(Kaylie, keep writing!)

"I loved the way you used some of the books, Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia and Star Wars."

-Cami L.

(Cami, I used ideas from books I like and made this story my own.)

"I love the name Zebulon Finegin, it go with me."

-Ella B.

"I like how you made a lot of funny names."

-Partick L.

"Sounds like a good book.  I can't wait to read it!"

-Haley J.

"I love the first part is sound so excitting the characters are awesome theres lost of good describing words.  Its amazing how long it takes to make a book."

-Carter W.

"I like his nick-name, I think your presentation was amazing.  I like the sword of fire."

-Eli S.

"I like how you described all the little dettails.  I like his nick-name it's really funny."

-Jayden M.

"Your a great author.  I think your books are really funny.  I like how you described the process of an author.  You were great!"

-Madison V.

"I really like how you took ideas from other books and you still made it your own.  it really made your first chapter interesting.  I also thought that Zebulon Finnegan was a cool name to have."

-Ciara B.

"I loved the chapter you read to us."

-Nathan J.

"I liked your book and all of your details.  I also liked the title, it was Awesome!!!!!! But, I forgot what it was called."

-Anna B.

(Anna, it is called Zebulon And  The Sword of Fire.)

"Your series sounds great so far!  I love how you took some different ideas and combined them."

-Connor D.

"Your books are AWESOME! I like how you have good description and powerful verbs.  You

hooked me in at the beginning of the story.  I also love Zebulon Finnegan!"

-Aia S.

"I like how you nick-named the guy bacon.  I like the chapter you read to us.  I like the cover of the book it is the one that has stars on it."

-Devree V.

"I really like how you borrow ideas from other books but change the ideas up a bit."

-Sage K.

"I liked your book because it was cool that Zebulon travels to different planets. And he finds a fire sword."

-Olivia S.

"I love your book!  My favorite part was when bacon and the robot were fencing.  I am realey looking forward to going to the website."

-Andy V.

"I really liked your book because you put different books and made it into your own book.  I think I want to buy your seires."

-Sebastian A.

"I really liked your book.  I liked how you put in the android robot. I also like the sord of fire."

-Carson G.

"When the book comes out im going to buy it when I grow up ill show it to my kids then they will show it to my grand kids then my great grand kids then my great great grand kids. And it goes on and on. :)"

-Josh K.

"I really liked your book because of Zebulon's adventures.  I loved your ideas becuse you used your imagination to mix up books and make them your own."

-Mariana S. "I loved your book because it was like an adventure and I love adventures.  I thought that your description was great thank you for coming in I loved it."

-Abby G.

"I loved your books because I loved all the names of the characters and the book was really interesting."

-Olivia Z.

"To:Tim  Your book was so good that it made me want to read more.  I love how you made me think. Thank you for coming to my school and sharing how to be a better auther."

-Karlie M.

"I really like how you told about every single step to publish because I, myself, really like to write stories.  I also really liked the book.  It showed not told.  The description was great.  It felt like I was there."

-Katelyn S.

"I thing it will be a good book.  I love the idea!!!!!  Because I love advenchar books.  I am going to read this book of corse."

-Mason S.

"Dear Mr. Northburg, I loved the title of your first book, it sounds so magical.  I may want to read it."

-Madison M.

"My fiaforet part was the sword fiting.  The mean dad.  The chesor chest."

-Joseph M.

"I like your book you are so creative I think you are a very good athor.  I like you you mix tones of storys and you twist them up."

-Corey B.

"I'm totally going to read one of your books when they come out.  Star Wars is good but yours will be better because Star Wars is with your book.  By the way thank you for coming."

-Jacob S.

(Jacob, you are welcome!  Thank you for your great comment.)

"I can't believe how I like it!  It spinning in my brain.  I think you could put in how John and the pirate met."

-Ethan P.

(Ethan, that is a good idea.  Zebulon can travel in time.  Maybe in one of the next books he will go back in time and you will see how they met.  We will have to see.)

"I love your book.  I like all the action can't wait to read the rest when it comes out."

-Gatlin C.

"I want to read more of your book.  I want to read the part with the firesword.  You should put different swords on different planets."

-Dennis K.

(Dennis, that is a good idea.  There are different artifacts on different planets like a robe of invisibilty, and a shield made of dragon scales but I don't want to give them all away.)

"I would want to read the rest of your book because you put a lot of description in your writing."

-Emmaline G.

"I liked how you had expreshin in your book.  ps. I liked your book because it had expreshin."

-Ellen R.

"Thank you Tim!  I loved the book. Because all the akchin."

-Leah H.

"Sword of Fire was excellent! I want to keep reading it.  It was funny when IQ32 said, Does this dress make me look fat?"

-Marcus B.

"I thought it was really cool that there was galaxys and planets and I think it is cool that there was an Android and I think that its cool how there is a sword of fire."

-Brady H.

"It was cool that the android was fighting Zebulon."

-Peyton H.

"I think it was too awesome about the robots and IQ32 in the story and Zebulon Finnegan is a funny name.  It made me think of Zebulon and the Sord of fire pretty cool of a planet.

-Luke P.

"I think that it would be hard to get the sword of fire and that makes it interesting to know how he gets it."

-Renee G.

"I really want to read that book because it sounds interesting and might be thrilling."

-Connnor P.

"I think you will like this book and it will take you to a new world."

-Rhianna B.

"I think it is cool that Zebulon Finnegan is going to find the sord of fire and the android IQ32 is really cool."

-Andrew O.

"I think its cool because Zebulon Finnegan is a funny name.  Also it takes just a little of Star Wars and Harry Potter and Narnia and it has an robot named Anrdoid- IQ32."

-Brady E.

"I like how he got his nick-name."

-Kaya W.

(Kaya, I do too!)

"I think it's cool that they have plasma guns and fire swords.  I will enjoy reading to find out how he finds the sword.  I think my brother and I will enjoy these books.  This will be an amazing book.

-Reagan M.

(Reagan, I am glad you think his name is funny.  I hope your brother enjoys it too.)

"I thought it was cool when they use the plasma guns.  Zebulon Finnegan is a really good name!  Timothy (the author) uses lots of parts from different books like Harry Potter."

-Freyja E.

"I think this series of books are going to be so cool.  I can't wait to get the series.  This book will be like another Harry Potter series."

-Austin H.

"I think it's a funny book because in the first chapter they were practicing and then the robot said, does this dress make me look fat?"

-Thomas L.

"These books sound really good and I really wan to to read them and its really the name IQ32. I like plasma guns and fire sword and how they battle in the arena.  I can't wait till he find the fire sword and I can't wait till these books come.  P.S. What are the names of the other books?"

-Josh M.

(Josh,  the other books will be titled by the artifact Zebulon has to find in that book.  I can't tell them right now, but they will be announced as each book comes out over time.)

"Space ships, androids, Sword of fire, planets are so cool."

-Ben I.

"My brother would love that series of books becaue he loves Artemis Fowl and Harry Potter and the Charlie Bone series."

-Naomi S.

"I think my brother in 6th grade would enjoy it because he likes Fabel Haven and it also has justt like Fable Haven they have to find a lot of things."

-Tess S.

"I like your idea and I really hope that your book comes out soon!  I want to read this really badly.  But I would like to know what plasma guns are."

-Joe K.

(Joe, I am glad you liked it.  Plasma guns are like laser or ray guns that uses heated gass as 'plasma' to melt targets or disrupt electronic gadgets.)

"I think it was cool how they wanted the sword of fire and his name was."

-Emerson T.

"I think its cool that there's a robot, I like the name Zebulon Finneggan, I like your title."

-Brock M.

"I think your book was awesome because of the android and its in space.  I can't waitt to see if Zebulon finds the sword of fire and I suggest this book."

-Bree H.

"Your book fascinated me you inspired me.  I wish I could write like you.  Thank you.  I will want to read the fire sword.  Thanks again."

-Landon L.

(Landon, you are welcome!)

"I like that you could just answer a question in a flick of time like you were an expert, well you are an expert but, I really liked that and I like the first chapter of your book it was really interesting and I think the name Zebulon Finnegan is funny."

-Emma E.

"I think you did a great job on your presentation. I think Zebulon Finnegan is a greatt name for a charecter of course who doesn't like bacon!  I am very interested in your website.  Sincerely, Ashley."

-Ashley T.

"You have a very good book it sounds like an amazing book I am very interested in your book.  I like how you have female and male cartors and rrobots and the fier sourd.  I wil buy your book and thank you for giving us good advice."

-Analysa S.

"I thought your book sounded really interesting and very fascenating.  I think I would really like to read that book."

-Ashley J.

"I write books but those are not half as good!  I loved it!  It was very intoristing!  You are very good at keeping eye contact!  Clearly, it was awesome."

-Caroline S.

(Caroline, I am sure your books are good.  Keep writing!)

"I LOVE the way you made eye contact and every once and a while when you were reading you would look up at the audience!  Your book was very interesting and I think that it was funny how you named your charactter Zebulon Finnegan."

-Laura L.

"I realy am looking forward to read the fire sword in February when my bday comes around."

-Cole Q.

"I like the topic of your new book series.  I really enjoyed your presentation.  You are great!"

-Kayla D.

"Thank you so much for coming to our school.  Some kids may not have payed atention but I would of loved it if I could get one of your books.  How long have you been an author?"

-Carson E.

(Carson, I was sparked to write in a creative writing class in 1990.  I wrote my first manuscript in 1993.  That book is still unfinished. So, that would be about 20 years.)

"I think you spoke very clearly and I love your book!  I hope you can come again you gave a fascinatting presentation and I can tell you're a great author!  I love the name Zebulon finnegan and your creativity to come up with it."

-Jacob G.

"I like your books and I like how when you made eye contactt.  I like the robot and the android idea on the card I like the firesword idea."

-Peiton E.

"I'm sure when I'm just a little bit older I will read it.  When you were reading it  made me feel more into it.  If I'm reading it's hard for me to understand but not only are a auther but an excellent reader too."

-Megan E.

(Megan, thank you. I get practice by reading to my own kids.)

"I really like your book and presentation.  It was fascinating.  Zebulon Finnegan is a great name.  I would totally read that series."

-Tennison K.

"I really like the cover.  It looks like a very very very good book. I also like the fire sword.  I think you are a good author!"

-Luca K.

"I think your books are very fascinating.  I like the part that Zebulon Finnegan fights with the android."

-Kelsey D.

"I really liked how well written and descibed your book is!  I can't believe how much I like that book!  Usually I only like girly books.  Thank you so much for coming to our school!"

-Mia S.

(Mia, I am glad you liked it.  I tried to write it for both boys and girls.  There are three girl characters that come into the story after the first few chapters.)

"I like how there's the robot and the planets."

-Braden S.

"I realy liked when you shared your book very much!"

-Jack W.

"I hope that our library has thatt book when it comes out because I really want to read it.  You're doing great work so I can read a fascinating story."

-Marissa L.

(Marissa, that gives me a good idea.  I might just give a book to your school library and you can be the first to read it.)

"I like how in your book you are donna put a android robot.  And I like also the firesword in your story."

-Reese N.

"I liked how you made eye contact that is hard to do and I loved your presentation.  You are such a fascinating author."

-Aidan B.

"I liked the name Zebulon Finnegan"

-Marek T.

"I want to thank each one of you for your great comments. I really appreciate your interest in my book! I really enjoyed coming to share with your class."

--Tim Northburg