Student Feedback - Zach Elementary, 2013

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Here are comments from students who filled out a comment slip after my talks.  Please enjoy the comments, questions, and answers.  I want to thank all of those who filled out a comment slip.  Your enthusiasm and excitement for this book is greatly appreciated.

Zach Elementary - 2013

5th GradeFort Collins, Colorado

(I wrote the comments as they actually appeared on the slips.)

"I'm looking forward to your release of your new Artifacts of Merlin book."

- Brian F.

"It was a wonderful presentation and I home to read the saga."

- James G.

"I think for your next Merlin Saga book the object you have your character look for on a far away planet on the other side of the universe you should have Bacon Finnegan look for King Arthur's round table that Merlin made."

- Annika F.

(Annika.  That is not a bad idea.  I like it.  I will have to think on that and see if I can make it work.)

"Maybe your next novel could be about a dragon statue (palm size) the one found by a Wizard that it lifke folds onto his/her hand and becomes a scorcorers ring.  The auqua colored gemstone on it provides magic and light up when magic is used."

- Cody L.

(Cody.  It sounds like a good storyline. Why don't you start writing something like this?)

"I like how you used stuff that yo liked and made a story abbout it.  It helped me learn how to write a story by using your Prezi."

- Tatum F.

"Thank you for coming into our class.  I liked your Prezi.  Thank you for a wonderful speech."

- Aidan T.

"Maybe you should write a book about some mythology and a chracter who sacrifices his/her life to save the world."

- Chuck M.

"Your book sounds AWESOME!  I'm totally going to read the series you created. I also really enjoyed your Prezi!  It was great and I understood it. It was great!  THANK YOU!!"

- Adella B.

"One word . . . AWESOME!  I want to read all your books!"

- Woohyun S.

"I loved how you drew the sword of fire.  Did you draw it yourself or did you copy it pixel by pixel by pixel?"

- Jonathant L.

(Jonathant, I drew it by hand, then scanned it in.  Then I made several versions of the sword, one being a dark shadow, the others color with flames.  You can see them in the photo section of this website.)

"Thank you for taking time to talk to our class.  You should add a long lost brother named Beefy Finnegan."

- Tae B.

"I was impressed by how creative the books sounds.  I really want to buy the new book when it comes out."

- Hunter F.

"I am so so excited to read it.  You inspired me."

- Isabel B.

"Thank you for coming in and talking to our class.  An idea for another book would be maybe a personal narrative."

- Makena D.

"I loved how he asked people for a story and we finished it off."

- Kate P.

"I loved his idea for the book.  For me the fairytails are the best."

- Lauren S.

"Your books sounds like a great book."

- Hayden D.

"I'm exited to read it, very, very excited.  It sounds really interesting.  Thank you!"

- Ava P.

"What I think you should add like a made up animal."

- Aspen D.

"I really liked how you made your Prezi."

- Maia H.

"I want to thank each one of you for your great comments. I really appreciate your interest in my book! I really enjoyed coming to share with your class. "

— Tim Northburg