It is funny how our minds work. What goes on in the six inches between our ears can mean the difference of achieving our dreams and goals—or not. Our negative thinking can keep all of our desperation, paranoia, panic, anxiety, nervousness, stress, anger, tension, agitation, and worry going full speed in our lives. Or, we can relax and put it all aside and let everything come to fruition.


You can’t CONNECT when you are DESPERATE!

You can’t THINK when you are PARANOID!

You can’t FOCUS when you are PANICKED!

You can’t COPE when you are ANXIOUS!

You can’t ORGANIZE when you are NERVOUS!

You can’t ADJUST when you are STRESSED!

You can’t REASON when you are ANGERED!

You can’t BREATHE when you are TENSE!

You can’t RELATE when you are AGITATED!

You can’t SUCCEED when you are WORRIED!

Let your negative thoughts go, and you will sell, think, focus, cope, organize, adjust, reason, breathe, relate, and succeed more!

Just put it all aside and RELAX!