Press Release - Zebulon Quest: The Sword Of Fire

Zebulon Quest The Sword of Fire Full Book Cover.jpg

By Tim Northburg

October 21, 2014

Fort Collins, CO – Colorado author Tim Northburg sets his sights high with the release of his first adventure, fantasy, sci-fi crossover novel, ZEBULON QUEST: The Sword of Fire which is the first book in, The Artifacts of Merlin Saga. This book, for young and older readers alike, chronicles the adventures of Merlin’s grandson through space and time in search of seven hidden artifacts of Merlin in an eight book series. Book one introduces fifteen-year-old Zebulon Finnegan, his four friends, and his redundant Companion Learning System Android IQ32 as they are teleported to a mysterious planet where they are set on a quest to find seven hidden artifacts of Merlin.

ZEBULON QUEST: The Sword of Fire was self-published through Createspace Independent Publishing Platform by Tim Northburg and released on October 9, 2014. It is available internationally on Amazon as a paperback and Amazon Kindle as an e-book. For more information about this magical series, to watch book trailers, or to schedule an author visit go to:

"Crafted in a futuristic setting with many historical overtones, ZEBULON QUEST is a new concept crossover novel complete with Indiana Jones like adventure, Lord of the Rings fantasy, and Star Trek science fiction.  This high-concept storyline is a mixture of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and The Chronicles of Narnia with a heaping spoon full of the legend of Merlin.  Check out this great epic tale, for young and old alike!"

— Tim Northburg

About Zebulon Finnegan

  • Combines several genres in one book (Adventure, fantasy, and Sci-fi) to appeal to a wide audience.

  • Zebulon Finnegan is Merlin’s Grandson . . . he just doesn’t know it yet!

  • Zebulon Finnegan isn’t his real name. He was stolen as an infant, abandoned in a penal colony, and adopted to the Cargo Master of the Starship Ruby Darton.

  • Boys and girls will enjoy reading this tale. Zebulon Finnegan has a supporting cast of three strong female characters, another boy supporting character, and a quirky android robot.

  • Zebulon’s friends get sucked into the adventure when Zebulon uses a teleportation watch to escape capture form the Space Pirates he just stole the watch from.

  • They materialize on a strange planet where Zebulon’s identity is revealed and he learns he must fulfill a prophecy that foretells the one who will collect seven hidden artifacts of Merlin and return to Earth to release Merlin from his enchantment in the Oak tree.

  • Zebulon Finnegan is chalk full of magic, futuristic gadgets, mystical creatures, good beings who try to help him, and evil beings who try to stop him.

  • In each book Zebulon and his friends will be teleported to a planet where they must find the artifact and help the indigenous people of the planet in some way or other.

  • The setting of book one will be a combination of tribal people in the mountains and a city along the coast like ancient Greece. The other books will be based on Egypt, the Rainforest, Medieval Times, Viking-like world, China, an industrial city, and finally London and Sherwood Forest.

About T.A. Northburg

  • Loves to write and create fantastical worlds.

  • Wants to inspire children to read more books.

  • Has volunteered at Zach Elementary since 2004 helping in reading groups.

  • Believes in inspiring others to achieve success in their lives.

  • Has self publishes multiple training guidebooks, two general adult fiction novels, and now this exciting Young Adult series.

Tim Northburg has started speaking to Poudre School District classes about writing and the publishing process and does this on a free/volunteer basis for local Northern Colorado schools.