Positive Mental Affirmations


The Recordings in Your Head:

We all have them. They are little sub-conscious sayings that pop into our heads and feed our inner being. They can be good recordings or bad recordings. However, it is mostly in our nature to doubt ourselves and beat ourselves up over the things that happen to us on a daily basis.


Stop and think about the things you are saying to yourself, inside your head. Many of these recordings come from outside sources. Your parents, teachers, coaches, mentors may have said things to you over and over as you grew up and now they are mental recordings that go off when certain things happen. For example:

  • You are no good at that!

  • See what happens when you do that!

  • I knew you were a failure!

  • Get your head out of the clouds!

  • You can't accomplish that . . . it is too difficult!

Other self talk or recordings in our head are ones that just pop out of nowhere. They really do not appear from nowhere. They appear as manifestations of our feelings based on what happens to us. They come out trough jealousy, anger, fear, hatred, love, excitement or joy. For example:

  • I can never be like that person!

  • I will never have what that person has!

  • I don't know if I will make it!

  • I'm a failure!

  • I am loved!

  • People really care for me!

  • I knew I could do it!

  • Today is a great day!


If you look around at everything in the world. The media, your co-workers and even friends and family thrive off of the "negative" things in the world. This is unfortunate. Negative news is good news. No one would watch the news if all it has was positive stuff. This is a sad truth. This permeates into our lives. So much negative stuff is thrown at us on a daily basis. Gossip and drama around the workplace is rooted in the negative. Listen to what people say:

  • "He said this..."

  • "She said that..."

  • "The economy is in the toilet!"

  • "I can't afford to live!"

  • "The stock market is down!"

No wonder the recordings inside our head are going at full speed all the time . . . and they are mostly negative!

The Realization: