Poem: "I Am!"


I decided to do something different today. Normally I write articles, novels and non-fiction but it has been a while since I tried my hand at poetry. This just popped into my head today and thought I would blog about it.

I am not one for rhyming in a traditional, textbook kind of poetry way.

Here goes:


I am all I can be.
I lead by example,
With a heart that is pure,
A mind that is fair,
And a successful desire.

I am all I can see.
A walk in the park,
Noises in a crowded room,
Peace and war between others,
Trees, mountains, grass, and flowers.

I am a father of three girls.
Sisters of a kind,
Differences in style,
I hope to inspire,
And love their little smiles.

I am busy as a bee.
Searching, driving, looking,
Working for a living,
Not afraid to do it,
Teamwork is my style.

I am fun and care-free.
Punny by nature
Witty with the best,
Like to meet new people,
Hanging out with the rest.

I am part of the word we.
My wife and I are a team,
My family is my universe,
My work is my giving,
I run the human race.

But, most of all . . .

. . . I am me.

Tim Northburg