Otterocity! Bring A Joyful Spirit To Your Life


GENRE: General Fiction / Body, Mind & Spirit


Otterocity, is a story of self discovery during trying times and how to live positively through circumstances that are out of your control. It is about being able to take your situation and change it for the better. It is about understanding life lessons that come at a time where everything seems bleak and unbearable, when you don’t want to go through what you are going through.

Meet 38-year-old Rich Dawson. He is a normal guy. Rich is a top executive at an advertising agency and has been married for 13 years, has three beautiful children who love him unconditionally. Suddenly a huge wave crashes over him and his life sinks him into a deep abyss. In a short period, the 2009 recession rips through his life. He is forced to downsize and lay off employees. On top of that, Rich loses his best friend (who is also his boss and employer) to cancer. After closing down the marketing firm, he is forced to commute 60 miles to Denver for an entry-level position that pays peanuts. On the verge of foreclosure, his marriage stressed, and his personal life in shambles, Rich finally hits bottom and contemplates suicide.

In his time of struggle, Rich receives the opportunity of a lifetime. His brother-in-law offers him a two-week job to film a documentary on Sea Otters on San Juan Island. Accepting the job, Rich heads form Colorado to an island near Seattle, teams up with a “salty” sea captain named Old One Eye, and begins filming. Through chance, he meets a one-of-a-kind otter he names Lizzie. Observing this tiny creature, he finds inspiration that changes his thinking, morphs his beliefs, and sets him on a personal journey to bring a joyful spirit to his life.

As you will read, on the following pages, Otters live a tough life. They incorporate hard work and perseverance in their lives. They show unconditional love and teamwork without losing their individual uniqueness. Despite all the odds of nature, they possess an innovative spirit, creative mind, a playful disposition, and most of all a joyful spirit.

Otterocity is incorporating the traits and attributes of otters in your life to bring about change, and ultimate joy. You too, can have Otterocity and bring a joyful spirit to your life!


The economic down turn of 2009 and the years following have been a trying time for many individuals. Around the world businesses folded, disappeared, or were gobbled up. Many companies were forced to shed divisions, cut entire departments, or trim from within. The banking, mortgage, and investment businesses were hit hard sending massive waves out in every direction. The turbulent waters struck the housing and automotive industries, and the reverberations touched every other job sector: higher government spending, along with lower tax revenues, forced furloughs, and wage freezes. Unemployment coupled with downsizing and lower consumer spending created pangs of distress not seen since The Great Depression.

There were many people not affected by the economic downturn. However, a great many people lost their jobs, life savings, homes, and more.

What happened to those who lost everything? How did the economy affect their lives, and what became of them? There comes a point in every person’s life where things pile up and the weight of the world comes crashing down.

People continued their lives and hoped for greater times to come. Some people found a second job, cut back spending, bought only what was needed, increased their savings, and made it through. The adaptive nature of human beings and their resilient nature carried them through.

It all builds character, right?

Someone once told me, “Character comes not from what happens to you in life, but how you respond to the things that happen to you.”

Many times I have thought to myself, “I have enough character, I don’t need any more.” However, I guess life has decided that I need to go through whatever is happening right now for a reason. Usually you don’t see that reason until you are on the other side of that challenge.

This story came from the other side of a challenge. I hope you enjoy!

—Tim Northburg

Why I Wrote This Book:

I wrote this book because of my own personal struggles through the greatest depression in US history. I created Oterocity as a way for me to get through what I was facing and feeling inside. I wanted to take back control of the things in my life that were I feel that this book will resonate with a lot of people and give a bit of hope during tough times. I believe now, as any, is good timing for people to bring fun and joy back to their lives.

Have Otterocity and bring a joyful spirit to your life.