One "NO" Closer To A "YES!"


While I write books and screenplays, I also spent the last twenty years as a Sales Manager in the Automotive Sales industry. Two years prior to that, I was an Automotive Sales Consultant. When I started selling vehicles I knew that if I worked with a customer and I got four NO’s, I was going to get a YES the next time. I had a 20% success ratio.

Over time, I got better and I knew that if I got two NO’s the next one was going to be a YES — a 33% close in sales was killer.

In writing and the screenwriting business, that closing ratio may be 1% of ever getting a book publishing deal or seeing your script on the big screen. You have to get a lot more NO’s before you ever get that YES.

When you work towards your goals and you receive a NO just remember you are one-step closer to a YES. You are that much closer to success and achieving what you desire.

Whatever it is you want in life, the odds of achieving it may seem insurmountable. It may seem impossible at times. You just have to get through all the NO’s.

Sometimes, you have to get a lot of NO’s to get to that YES. That may mean hearing NO a thousand NO’s. Sometimes it is only a few NO’s before that YES comes. Either way you have to take it in the chin and keep moving forward.

That is easier said than done, you say.

Yes it is. When you don't make the cut, get a letter passing on your project, hear nothing back but crickets, or get an “It’s not for me” reply, the rejection sets in. The NO’s mount up and it takes a toll on your soul, eats at your psyche, and destroys your motivation.

After getting a NO, doubt sets in and you begin to wonder if it was even worth trying for. You start to question if you are any good or not. Trust me... I have been there many times and it sucks.

That is where you have to make a decision to give up and pack it in or get tough and continue towards your goal.

If you took a million step journey, would you stop with only one step to go? No. You would know that if you took that last step you would arrive at your destination.

When you get rejection after rejection keep going. Push the seeds of doubt away, keep moving forward and remember:

“You are one NO closer to a YES!”