How Bad Do You Want It?

Kevin Polansky.JPG

It is amazing how one saying, painted on the swimming pool wall in bold red letters, can affect your life. This saying is power. This saying is strength. This saying is truth.

Coach asked me this question the first day of swim practice back in 1997. I didn't know how to answer it. I wasn't even sure I really wanted to be on the swim team, so I answered, "I don't know." He shook his head at me and scowled.

After the first year of just going through the motions, I improved and moved from the C team to the B team. One morning, during stretching, I looked at the wall and read the saying several times. I decided I wanted to be on the A team. That was my IT. I wanted it "BAD" and I was going to do everything I needed to do to make it happen. That year I improved and made it to the A team. My senior year, I broke personal records, made the conference team and qualified for the State Championships in two events.

If it wasn't for Coach Polansky drilling this into our heads on a daily basis I would have never succeeded in swimming, and I would not have learned this valuable saying that is a part of my being and has shaped the successes in my life. That phrase has been the root of every IT in my life, especially in the pursuit of my writing career.

Let's break down this phrase:


These are your goals, dreams and aspirations. These are the things that you see yourself doing, accomplishing or becoming in your future self.


IT, is anything in life. IT, could be getting a promotion. IT, could be finishing school. IT, soulc be finding a romantic love interest. IT, could be  becoming a writer or screenwriter. IT, could be having your screenplay optioned and made into a full feature film that wins awards for best picture and best original screenplay. IT, is whatever you can imagine doing or becoming.

In 2001, I decided on my IT. I wanted to write books and inspire people with my writing. In 2015, I added another IT to my list. I want to be an accomplished screenwriter.


Do you want IT like . . . If I get IT that would be nice, if I don't no big deal. Or,  do you want IT like . . . I want it so "BAD" that it permeates my soul and fuels my inner furnace with a heat and intensity do strong that nothing will put it out!

Wanting something "BAD" makes all the difference in the world between achieving IT or not. "BAD" is that burning desire in your gut that never goes out. "BAD" is that, I'll do whatever it takes to reach my IT. "BAD" is how you find your way around setbacks. "BAD" is how you don't quit, when the going gets rough.

I ask myself this question on every IT I want. If I want it "BAD" enough, then I make a full unadulterated commitment to pursue it relentlessly until IT is reached.

It is much more than that. It is putting that saying into action. if you want it "BAD" enough then you will work relentlessly with persistence and determination to reach IT.

I made the commitment to pursue that IT no matter what obstacle was put in my way. I made the decision that I would be successful no matter how long it took.

Since 2001, I have worked hard towards my writing IT. There have been may setbacks and roadblocks along the way. Through hard work, and perseverance I have worked through many of those, but I am still not where I want to be.


Coach, my answer is . . . I WANT IT BAD!