Faith In The Intangible


In life we spend so much of our time studying, learning, working and striving towards that which we desire. Whatever it is you are wanting to accomplish you have to have faith in something to keep you going.

In business you have to have faith in your company, product or service so that others will buy whatever it is you are offering--or your business will fail.

In relationships you have to have faith in others. Faith that they will be there, help out, care and reciprocate.

I have learned this as I pursue my writing career. As a writer we spend so much time creating, writing, editing, submitting and waiting for that agent to respond or that publisher to finalize that book deal. We also pitch and promote and/or attend seminars, conferences and expos. I have wondered myself, many times, why I keep trudging on.

What is it that keeps me striving towards my goal?


Let me explain with this simple example. Let's look at the farmer. He just does not throw seed down and go out the next day and expect the crops to be ready for harvest.

Here is what the farmer does:

He prepares the land. He tills it He mixes some manure in the top soil. He plants his seeds in an orderly fashion. He waters it. He weeds it. He manages the pests. (Organically or not.) He waits. He harvests his crop.

The farmer knows that if he does the right things, (bar any acts of nature) he will eventually have a crop to harvest. He has faith that one day the seeds will grow and he will be able to reap the benefits of his hard work and patience.

I have learned that in life, business and relationships you have to lead the life of the farmer. You have to have faith in the intangible. You have to have faith that all of the work you put in will eventually pay off.

As a sales manager, I tell many of my sales people that you have to plant as many seeds in the ground as possible then one day it just happens. BANG! You will have success. You will get that sale.

In my personal life I keep the faith so that I may; get that promotion, get that book deal, get that screenplay option, and get what I want and deserve!

Eventually it comes around. What effort you put in today will be the results you get tomorrow. I believe in the intangible and incorporate the motto, "You get as you give!" in my life.

Keep working, studying, preparing, learning, loving and making contacts and it will come back around. You just have to have faith in that which you can not touch or see.