Coffee Quote #1 - Be A Good One!

Quote 1.jpg

I went to my local coffee shop and they gave me a coffee spill sticker for the top of my to-go coffee cup. It had an interesting quote on it. Here is the quote that I now have stuck on my computer monitor.

"Whatever you are, be a good one!"

— Abraham Lincoln

Wow! What a message in such a short quote. It reminds me to not just be a whatever, but to be a good whatever.

Think about this throughout your day and whatever you are doing, strive to be good (or great for that matter.)

If you strive to be . . .

A person. . . be a GOOD PERSON.

A parent. . . be a GOOD PARENT.

A husband. . . be a GOOD HUSBAND.

A wife. . . be a GOOD WIFE.

A leader. . . be a GOOD LEADER.

A coach. . . be a GOOD COACH.

A mentor. . . be a GOOD MENTOR.

A writer. . . be a GOOD WRITER.

A dancer. . . be a GOOD DANCER.

A business owner. . . be a GOOD OWNER.

A whatever. . . be a GOOD WHATEVER!

If you try to be a good (whatever you are in the moment) then you will be a good example for others, win more than you lose, and live a fulfilling life.