Bring A Joyful Spirit To Your Life


It can be difficult to bring a joyful spirit to your life when the pressures, stresses, and problems permeate everyday life.

All too often, we get wrapped up in the “to do list” of life. With our fast paced lifestyle we are constantly on the go, doing projects, working, running errands, or doing things for others. Many times we don’t “stop and smell the roses” and take time out for ourselves.

When we don’t set aside time for ourselves we can get grumpy or down. The joy and happiness in our lives gets lost to the everyday pressures. This can affect us in many ways. Anxiety, stress, depression, anger, hatred, self loathing, and suicide are all side effects of not bringing a joyful spirit to your life.

What do you do when . . .

  • You have to take the kids to school.

  • You have to mow the lawn.

  • You have to run to the store and go shopping.

  • You have to make dinner.

  • You have to fix that leaking water heater.

  • You have to finish those reports and go to the meeting.

  • You have to deal with an idiotic customer.

  • You have to do the laundry.

  • You have to meet the needs of your employees.

  • You have to run to the post office.

  • You have to pay the bills.

  • You have to meet the needs of you children.

  • You have to vacuum.

  • You have to get ready for work.

  • You have to meet a client.

  • You have to meet someone for dinner.

  • You have to meet that deadline.

  • You have to clean the house.

  • You have to do those dishes.

  • You have to meet the demands of you spouse/partner.



Sometimes the pressure is all insurmountable. We are constantly doing more and running ourselves to the ground. But you can bring a joyful spirit to your life.

  1. You can set aside a few minutes to a half an hour each day to do some simple things to bring joy and happiness to your life, and reduce your stress.

  2. Do a 5-10 minute breathing exercise.

  3. Read a few page or a chapter of a book to take your mind off things and relax.

  4. Meditate and take your mind elsewhere.

  5. Write a poem, story, or something that takes you elsewhere.

  6. Paint a happy picture.

  7. Draw something funny.

  8. Take a quick walk around the block.

  9. Work out to relieve the stress.

Whatever it is, do something for yourself! Take a moment to enjoy life. Have fun and be carefree.