A Poem About IT!

It Circle.jpg

Here is a poem about IT! I hope you enjoy IT!


I have an it, in mind.
I would like to have it,
I want it.
It would make me feel good.
It would change my life.

After a while,
It was difficult to get.
I stopped thinking about it.
I got complacent.
I got tired.
It got away.

I have a new it.
I really want it.
I chase after it.
It eludes me.
I get sidetracked.
It has disappeared.
It got away again.

Now I have a new it, in mind.
I want it really, really . . . BAD!
This time I am going to get it.
It won’t get away.
I will keep it in mind.
I will work towards it.
Nurture it.
And love it.

I will search high and low.
It will be in my sights daily.
It will strive towards it.
I will find the answers to it.
I will not relent. Until finally . . .

I have it!

— Tim Northburg