Author Visits

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School Visits

I visited several school classrooms in the past several years and discussed various writing topics. I talked about the writing business, shared the elements of a good story, and read excerpts from my adventure, fantasy, Sci-Fi crossover novel Zebullon Quest. Here is what the teachers had to say about my visits:

Werner Elementary School, 2013

“Tim, of course, shared about his book, he spent a lot more time talking to the kids about the elements of a good story and organizing your ideas to get ready to write. We talked about the different types of characters (antagonist, protagonist,) the point of view (first, third, omniscient,) the setting (time and place,) and all the necessary pieces that must be determined before an author can help a story take flight. I love having access to people that can inspire students to reach for their dreams. Who knows who will be the next J.K. Rowling?”

— Mrs. Bean Gifted & Talented Teacher

Zach Elementary School, 2013

“Thank you for your engaging presentation on the Elements of a Story. We are looking forward to using some of the ideas we talked about today to make your own writing even more exciting and compelling. Plus, we had fun! Come back any time!”

— Miss. Waido 5th Grade Teacher

Zach Elementary School, 2013

“Great Presentation! Many points hit our reading standards. Loved the Prezi! Overall excellent! Thank you for coming.”

— Mrs. Boisen 5th Grade Teacher

Zach Elementary School, 2012

“It was wonderful having Mr. Northburg share his information with our Zach Elementary third graders. This presentation was very interesting and informative. The students enjoyed learning more about the writing process and Mr. Northburg’s books.”

— Mrs. J. Moore 3rd Grade Teacher

Zach Elementary School, 2009

“We had a guest author speaker on Tuesday who happened to be one of our very own parents, Tim Northburg, Mackenzie’s dad. He gave a fabulous presentation to the students about the book he has written. Each child was given a business card with the website to access more information about the book and also the ability to ask more questions to Mr. Northburg. . .Thank you so very much, Tim for coming.”

— Ms. Brown 4th Grade Teacher

Zach Elementary School, 2009

“Tim Northburg visited the children today. He is an author who has started his own series called ZEBULON QUEST. Mr. Northburg has yet to publish his book, but he took the kiddos through the whole process of writing a book from beginning to end. Thanks for visiting, Mr. Northburg.

— Ms. Lafflam 4th Grade Teacher

Student Feedback

Here is some feedback from beta readers and comments from students who filled out a comment slip after my talks. More comments are on my STUDENT FEEDBACK blog posts.

Werner Elementary, 4th & 5th Grade GT

“I am very excited to read this book. It sounds like it is full of action, and it sounds like my kind of book. I can’t wait to read it and I hope you will continue with a 2nd series.”

— Josi B.

“The book sounds interesting and I will definitely read it in the future. I also think the Prezi was understanding and taught us some things we do not know.”

— Sarah C.

“I really learned a lot today! Your presentation made me think more about becoming an author. It might be something I want to do someday. I can’t wait to read your book. Thank You!”

— Ellianna D.

Zach Elementary, 5th Grade

“Your book sounds AWESOME! I’m totally going to read the series you created. I also really enjoyed your Prezi! It was great and I understood it. It was great! THANK YOU!!”

— Adella B.

“One word . . . AWESOME! I want to read all your books!”

— Woohyun S.

“I loved how you drew the sword of fire. Did you draw it yourself or did you copy it pixel by pixel by pixel?

— Jonathant L.

Zach Elementary, 3rd Grade

“I like how you told us how to publish or start a book. Also thank you for coming to talk to us. Wow that was fun listening to you talking about books. I also like your book. :)”

— Piper N.

“I enjoyed what you read. The way you described the characters was perfect. I think the writing was wonderful. I like the way you came up with his nick-name. That first chapter was so exciting it didn’t even seem like the first chapter.”

— Sophia M.

Zach Elementary, 4th Grade

“Your presentation was very good the other day. When you read the first three chapters that made me want to read on SOOOOO badly! I know your book is going to be published based on what we read! I am going to buy the book right when it comes out. I Thank you for coming to Zach to teach us about your book! My friends and I absolutely loved it!”

— Luke R.

“I loved his style of writing . . . there were happy, sad, exciting, surprising, and glad parts.”

— Mackenzie N.