Tim Northburg is an author and screenwriter from Colorado and lives at the base of the colorful Rocky Mountains with his wife and three daughters. He is a sales manager and internet/social media director that has coached, mentored, and led multiple teams of highly productive salespeople since 2001. His books include fiction novels, Fuel The Furnace and Otterocity!, success and motivational guidebooks Decide on It!, Fuel The Furnace Workbook, Otterocity! Field Guide, Realize It!, and Realize It! Goals Workbook. His young adult fiction works include; The Decnalab Codex and Zebulon Quest: The Sword of Fire, the first book in The Artifacts of Merlin Saga. In the past year, he finished writing book two of the series and completed edits on a novel/graphic novel hybrid titled, The Fetcher, Fletcher Barnes and a Sci-Fi novella titled, The Exhibitant. Tim is currently working on several new projects.

Writing Journey

At an early age, I was fascinated with books. My mom would let my sister and I read in our rooms for a while before bed. I read all kinds of picture books from the library and graduated to novels like Peter Pan, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Hobbit. To this day, I still read all kinds of books. I enjoy going on great adventures in my mind.

I can trace the actual spark, of becoming a writer, to my senior year in High School. The last semester I took a creative writing class with my best friend Cory. One February morning, first period creative wring, we began our writing assignment when the Principal made an announcement. Cory had committed suicide. I remember the empty feeling inside. I just stared at his empty desk, wondering what it was that made him do that. The rest of that semester I wrote about my friendship with Cory. Through that, I put feeling into my writing and it just connected. It was the first time I really felt the emotion, excitement, and passion about writing. I knew I wanted to be a writer, I didn’t know when, how, or what.

In 1993, I wrote my first novel. I put many of those creative writing short stories together into a novel. It took me a year to write it out freehand and another six months to re-write it in word. Today, it is still collecting dust in the basement.

My day job was as a Sales Manager at a Saturn dealership. I read many motivational and success books to keep me motivated in sales. In 2001, I decided to write my second novel, Fuel The Furnace from my experience of living and working in England for a year. I took the places I visited and morphed them into a success and motivation book of my own. I also developed an exercise workbook to go along with it titled, Fuel The Furnace Workbook

When my children were old enough my wife and I read stores to them. I remembered many of the books I enjoyed as a child and it sparked something inside me again. I knew I wanted to write a children’s book. In 2004, the idea for writing a YA novel about the adventures of Merlin’s grandson through space and time popped into my head. For eight years it developed into an eight book series called, The Artifacts of Merlin Saga. Book one is titled, Zebulon Quest: The Sword of Fire.

In 2009, things changed abruptly when the economy tanked. The government took over GM and closed down Saturn. After working there eleven years, my job was no more. I had to take a lesser paying position. I like many other people, during this past recession, had experienced job and financial strain.

During that emotional and stressful time, I turned to my writing. I jotted down my thoughts in a journal as a way to release everything. Then, I came across a book I had read a few years back called Rhinoceros Success. It was a book about how to infuse rhino qualities to bring success into your life. (They have thick skin, charge, etc.) I began to think of animals I could use as a symbol to bring joy and happiness to one’s life. On a visit to the aquarium in Denver, I watched River Otters play. I thought about it some more and realized that Otters were a great symbol for joy and happiness and that sparked my new novel.

Summer of 2010 I started writing the novel. It is a story about a man’s struggle through the economic down turn and his transformation to bring joy and happiness back to his life. I feel it is a timely, heartfelt story that will resonate with many people who have dealt with life’s challenges. It touches on topics like job loss, financial pressure, thoughts of suicide, and death. Through the revision process, it turned into a two book project. The first book is a general fiction novel titled, Otterocity! The second book is a self-help guidebook titled, Otterocity! Field Guide. I self-published them and they are available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

Goals have always been a big part of my life. When I was a swimmer in High School, I had a coach that was big on setting goals and stretch goals and working towards them. In my automotive career, my General Manager had us do goal setting exercises every year. I incorporated that into my writing career and set and monitored goals each year. I turned those goal exercises and my experiences working towards them into three books: Decide on It!, Realize It! and Realize It! Goals Workbook.

In 2015 I decided to add screenwriting to my arsenal. I took several screenwriting classes and worked with a screenwriting consultant. I currently have five screenplays finished and am in development of several more.

Recently, I finished book two of The Artifacts of Merlin Saga, titled, Zebulon Quest: The Amulet of Authority that is currently in the editing stage. Also, I am currently submitting two novellas titled, The Exhibitant, and The Fetcher, Fletcher Barnes.

Stories bring us together. Our ability to use words to create different worlds, dream the impossible, inspire, and teach is what gives us hope and strength in this challenging world. I hope to inspire others with my words.

Thank you for letting me share my writing journey with you.

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